Deer Park is a small neighborhood located in Pasadena, TX. Deer Park was first settled by William Daugherty, who bought the land from Tomball’s founder Daniel Parker in 1885. The first major development occurred after World War II when Deer Park became one of Houston’s top residential areas for returning soldiers and their families between 1945-1960. After 1960 Deer Park’s population began declining as many residents moved into newer suburbs popping up around Houston, like Katy or Sugarland; however, Deer Park remained an attractive area due to its large lots and abundant trees still make up most of the landscape today. Pasadena, TX can be seen here.


Deer Park is a small neighborhood in Pasadena, TX. Deer Park has a wide variety of homes and house styles attributed to the many different builders that have constructed houses there over the years. Deer Park also has one of the most beautiful golf courses in Texas, Deerwood Country Club! Deerwood Country Club offers 18-holes for members to play on and nine holes for non-members so everyone can enjoy this wonderful course. Deer Park in Pasadena, TX, has a lot to offer, and Deerwood Country Club is just one of its many attractions. Click here to read about The Battleground Golf Course Club: An Outstanding Tradition in Pasadena, TX.