The Strawberry Tennis Center is a tennis club that caters to the public. The Strawberry Tennis Center provides lessons, leagues, and tournaments, as well as camps and clinics to assist you in improving your game. They also offer memberships for those who want to enjoy the benefits but not all of the responsibilities. Strawberry is an extremely bright pink color. This lovely hue brightens up the courts with its vibrant and cheerful appearance, making it stand out from other sports facilities in Pasadena, Texas. Learn information about Pasadena, TX.

Strawberry is easily accessible for students who want to practice their serves or volleys after school hours. The Strawberry colored court is located on the South Side of Pasadena near Dobie High School on Red Bluff Road. For those wanting to practice during weekday mornings before going to work, Strawberry offers morning lessons that include one hour of instruction plus open playtime with your instructor until noon. Strawberry also has themed clinics, such as “Pizza and Pint Night,” where Strawberry members can play on the Strawberry tennis courts after hours for a low rate.BerryThe Strawberry Tennis Center is a wonderful place for kids and adults. Discover facts about Daily Activities of Strawberry Park in Pasadena.