Job Description: Tow Truck Driver 

A driver must be ready to start towards any “call out” you receive within ten minutes of receiving it. The only exception is if you are already on another call. Then, you must finish the first call and proceed immediately to the second. The goal is to get to all calls in 45-60 minutes, maximum. 

A driver must obey all traffic laws, towing laws and other rules and regulations. These laws, rules and regulations may be set by city, state or even the private properties themselves. It is the responsibility of the driver to know and obey these laws, rules and regulations. 

Outside of calls that may come in from apartment staff or residents, a driver is free to choose which properties he/she would like to work based on his/her territory. Each driver will be provided with a list or lists of properties that are acceptable to tow from each day/night. Towing outside of the property list or towing for reasons not permitted on a property will result in losing the pay for the tow and there may be further financial penalties as well. 

A driver is responsible for proving a tow is valid through the description on the tow ticket and photographs taken prior to the tow. If it cannot be determined whether the tow is valid from this information, the tow may be “no charged”. Should this happen, the driver will not receive compensation for the tow and may incur further financial penalties as well. 

A driver must ENSURE that he/she is fit to drive and ALWAYS drives safe! Unsafe or distracted driving is not permitted!!! This includes, but is not limited to, texting while driving, talking on the phone while driving (and not using a hands-free device), eating while driving, driving while intoxicated, driving while under the influence of a substance or driving while sleepy or overtired. Do not engage in ANY unsafe driving practices at ANY time. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that he/she is “fit to work” and perform all job duties. This includes maintaining oneself free of prohibited substances, getting enough rest and maintaining a physical, mental and emotional state suitable for the work required. 

A driver must NOT engage is any verbal or physical altercations. A driver must always avoid conflict, even if that means dropping a car and retreating to the cab of the truck. A driver must NOT engage in any verbal exchanges or physical exchanges unless it is unavoidable. The best self-defense is retreat. If you intend to carry a firearm while working you must meet certain requirements set by the company. You may get information on those requirements from the office. 

We are the best damn towing service in Houston. A driver must represent and uphold that reputation at all times. This requires restraint when confronted, an ultra-high level of honesty as well as a high quality of work. Our values are: Integrity, Professionalism, Personal Accountability, Respect and Joy. If you cannot perform your job within those values, you should not work for us. Any honors, promotions, pay raises or other positive rewards will be based on those values.


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