Private Property Tows

Private Property Tows

It’s important that your parking lot doesn’t have any vehicles that are parked illegally or that are abandoned. Having to keep up with this is something most people would not like to deal with. We can implement a custom program for you that can benefit both you and your community.
Dozens of communities currently rely on Ranger Tow to handle their towing issues and the number continues to grow. So if you are the owner or property manager of an apartment complex or commercial property and are having any problems the easy solution is to contact Ranger Tow to take care of violators and protect the integrity of your private property.

When you need a towing expert in your area, professional help is just a phone call away.

Ranger Tow will:

  • Replace all signs with New Ranger Tow signs / Handicap / Reserved / No parking Fire Zone / Head In / Assigned Parking / Permit Parking, etc.
  • Sticker your parking lot at least 1 time per month. Sticker records are in digital form available in realtime.
  • Provide you with unique numbered parking permits for your resident’s cars and VIP parking permits for your office personnel.
  • Provide tows and lock out services for the Manager and Owners.
  • Provide you with Online access to our cloud based Towing Management System that is updated in realtime.

    (there is a small fee for the above services)