Private property towing is a private property owner’s way of removing abandoned cars from their private property. These private towing companies are usually contracted by apartment complexes, office buildings, or other private businesses with parking lots on private property. Private property owners are required by law to have a sign posted in the area where they ask drivers not to park if they’re not customers. Visit this link for more information.

If you’re parked on private property, and the owner or manager wants your car towed away, they can hire a tow truck to do so. The tow truck driver will usually hook up your car to the back of their truck and drive it away to the nearest impound lot. If you’ve been towed from private property, you’ll have to pay the fees charged by the impound lot to get your car back. Typically, these fees are pretty expensive, so it’s essential to be aware of any private property parking restrictions before you park. Otherwise, you could end up paying big bucks to get your car back. Read about Private Property Towing in Pasadena, TX: The Way to Save Your Parking Space here.

There are a few things that private property owners can do to deter people from parking on their land without permission. Some private property, such as a shopping mall parking lot, may have signs posted that prohibit people from parking there without the owner’s express consent. In this case, if you don’t see these types of signs and park anyway, then your car can legally be towed away by the private property towing company hired by the landowner.